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Proposed Funding

All funding proposed is calculated on the basis of theinformation you provide around the buildings current performance andanticipated improvements. Funding rates are an indication based on predictedcarbon savings and are open to acceptance for 30 days. Funding is based uponall measures proposed being carried out in accordance with energy supplier andOfgem guidelines. There may be a slight change of funding offered subject tocarrying out a sample of up to date RDSAP Assessments. Funding will be fullyconfirmed once the sample RDSAP assessment results have been obtained and anagreement will be issued.

Sample RDSAP Assessment

Should funding not be confirmed in an agreement within 60days of an acceptance letter being completed you may be liable for the cost ofany sample RDSAP assessments at £85 per property. Sample RDSAP assessment costswill be agreed before commencement. Should the funding offer be agreed therewill be no cost for the sample RDSAP assessments. Other RDSAP assessment costscarried out within a project will be clearly marked within our proposal.

Project RDSAP Assessment

We may require an RDSAP assessment to each property claimedto identify the level of C02 savings and heat cost savings. We may also requirea Green Deal Assessment to the property prior to works commencing. We willdiscuss this process with you as part of our service. Any costs for RDSAPassessments will be highlighted within our proposal.

Funding Agreement

A funding agreement will be issued following completion andreturn of our acceptance letter and sample RDSAP assessments. The fundingagreement will be a binding document which will detail the final funding rates,processes and time-scales. We anticipate this contractual agreement will needyour full attention and will meet with you and talk you through the agreementand any arising queries before you proceed. For us to process the works wewould need a contract to be signed by the housing provider, Local Authority andin some cases the contractor. We may in some cases require evidence of thecontract between you and the contractor or client.

Funding Availability

Start and end dates for funding submissions need to beagreed. Submissions for funding must be made during the term of the agreedcontract start and end dates on a weekly basis. Any funding submissionsreceived outside of these dates may be rejected. Notwithstanding any changes byOfgem/DECC/energy supplier all funding submissions must be completed andapproved by the agreed end date.

CSCO Funding is only available to qualifying propertieswithin an eligible LSOA unless agreed as part of an adjoining LSOA within thecontract. Affordable Warmth and CSCO Rural funding is only available to thosewho qualify with the relevant benefit details. CERO funding is only availableto eligible properties. Funding is only available in England, Scotland andWales to those eligible measures within each funding stream. Funding could bewithdrawn with 60 days notice and is subject to energy supplier availability.

Measure Specifics and Technical Specification

All materials and measures require the relevant fundingapproval such as BBA, ETA and should meet energy supplier and Ofgem guidelines.All measures should meet building regulations and come with the relevantwarranties and guarantees in accordance with funding guidelines. For example,solid wall insulation must come with a SWIGA guarantee or an equivalentguarantee.

Should you be unsure of funding guidelines we request thatyou contact us to agree prior to works commencing. All materials and projectspecifics require confirmation of funding approval prior to works starting.


Funding is based on planning permission being granted forworks to go ahead. Planning permissions is your responsibility and we advisethat you contact us for any guidance on planning requirements.

PAS 20:30

Selected contractors must be PAS 20:30 approved and we mayrequire evidence of accreditation prior to funding arrangements being agreed.All contractors must agree to provide upon request, any information that may berequired by GZ Energy, the Supplier or Ofgem for the purpose of audit.

Customers Benefits

Affordable Warmth and CSCO Rural in particular requirebenefit details from tenants. We ask that you make every effort to ensure thatthis information is accurately provided and that you can provide access tofurther supporting information that confirms these ratios, if requested, by thefunding energy supplier and / or Ofgem. Should you not have this supportinginformation we may require you to collect this during the project period. GZEnergy will endeavour to support you in this data collection.

Green Deal

Green Deal may be used in conjunction with the attachedproposal, only should the property in question meet the Golden Rule through averified Green Deal Assessment. Green Deal finance may be sourced from GZEnergy Solutions subject to availability or an approved third party Green DealProvider.

Ofgem Approval

Funding is subject to full approval from Ofgem as acompliant scheme. We may need to carry out a full submission to Ofgem for thepurpose of approval. All products and materials should be compliant withrequirements for that measure under PAS2030 and as such building regulations.Proof of this will be required upon request. We do ask that you check with usprior to agreeing material use to ensure it meets Ofgem compliance.


A vital part of our role is to ensure that projects arecompliant to Ofgem standards and requirements. GZ Energy will undertake randomquality inspections during/and/or after the installation process; all resultswill be reported back to you on the quality of the work with details of anyremedial works that may need to be undertaken.

We would ask that the details of remedial works are passedon to the contractor and we are informed when remedial works are completed.Remedial work will need to be carried out to a specified time-scale asspecified by GZ Energy.

Health and Safety

Throughout the installation process we will undertake randomhealth and safety checks to ensure compliance with Ofgem and Health and SafetyStandards. We expect contractors to be fully compliant and will report thesefindings to the relevant parties. All contractors must agree to provide uponrequest, any information that may be required by GZ Energy, the Supplier orOfgem for the purpose of audit.

Customer Satisfaction

With all works carried out we will carry out a minimum of 5%customer satisfaction surveys which will be reported to energy suppliers.

Should the claim for carbon savings be discovered to havebeen previously funded through another supplier then GZ Energy reserves theright to retrieve the funding from you which has been incorrectly claimed.

Submissions for funding must be made prior to the term ofthe contract end dates, any funding submitted after the contract end date may berejected. Funding submissions must be made within a 7 day period of workscompleting to ensure we meet the timescales required by DECC and Ofgem.

General Conditions
Funding levels exclude VAT which will be payable inaccordance with current legislation.

For private homes we may require an Application andConformance Certificate, which is to be ratified by the funding energy supplierand written confirmation is provided by GZ Energy.

Funding provisions are conditional upon satisfactory workcompletion and will be subject to technical and commercial audit.

The carbon dioxide emissions savings will be transferred tothe funding energy supplier by GZ Energy; GZ Energy will be the sole owner ofthe savings until submitted to the selected energy supplier.

The measures and property details where work has beenundertaken will be scrutinised by Ofgem against a national database to avoidany risk of duplication of any related carbon dioxide savings. Duplication mayresult in none payment of funding or we may request that you return any fundingpaid for duplicate households.


Your Privacy Policy
GZ Energy takes your privacy seriously. We do not share yourdetails with anybody else other than our suppliers to facilitate your schemefunding or works.\

When you submit a web form we collect your information andlike all online businesses, we collect usage information when a user visits ourwebsite. This information cannot identify individuals; we can use it solely todetermine overall visitor numbers and trends.

How We Use Your Information
We use your information to:
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We may use your information for the purposes of providingyou with our services, customer care, improving our service to you
Determine visitor numbers to GZ Energy, and to establishtrends. This enables us to improve our visitors' experiences of our website. Weuse cookies on our website to allow us to monitor our website traffic, enhancefunctionality and personalise our website content for you. You can alter yoursecurity settings on your computer to reject the cookies, however this may meanyou will not be able to use certain website features

Who We Share Your Information With
Your information is only shared with certain third parties,our selected business partners and service providers, in order to administeryour requests. For example, we give your details to the energy supplier orcontractor to ensure the highest funding rate and cost of works can beachieved. We do not share your information for marketing purposes.

Direct Marketing
We may use your information to contact you with relevant andsimilar marketing promotions from companies within the GZ Energy Solutions Ltd.Group. We may also contact you with relevant marketing promotions from somecarefully selected third party companies. We may contact you with up and comingpromotions and news via telephone, email, direct mail, SMS, or RSS feeds.

We may also contact you by post with specific offers,brochure content, product information or competitions from the GZ EnergySolutions Ltd. Group.

Data Protection
All personal information held by us is done so in accordancewith the Data Protection Act (1998).

Your Rights
You have the right to unsubscribe from any future marketingcommunications. If you would like to unsubscribe from the GZ Energy newslettersplease do so by clicking on the unsubscribe link within the emails.Alternatively you can write to us requesting this removal. We will ensure thatyou are removed from all future communications.

Change to this Privacy Policy
GZ Energy Solutions Ltd. Group reserves the right to amendthis Privacy Policy in the future. All changes will be posted on the site. Weendeavour to adhere to latest policy guidelines.

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